About Us

We’ll fly you anywhere, on time and on budget

We provide a 24-hour air charter service with a focus on convenience, value, safety and efficiency.

We service the corporate, government and leisure sector and have the skills, experience and resources to structure a travel solution that meets your needs.

  • Superbly presented, fast, reliable and versatile aircraft

  • Tailormade air charter solutions

  • Rigorous maintenance and operating standards

  • Incident-free safety record

  • Competitive pricing

  • Highly experienced pilots

  • Professional, personal service from award-winning staff

  • First-class passenger facilities, including flight lounge and private boardroom

  • Fully licensed, certified and accredited

  • Fully insured

Unlike many other charter companies, we own and maintain our planes at our dedicated CASA-approved maintenance facility at Jandakot airport.  This ensures optimum safety, reliability and availability of our fleet, giving you complete confidence in your travel schedules.

Our eight turboprop and turbo-piston aircraft are the best in their class.  Their superior speed and energy efficiency take convenience and affordability to a new level.  They’re also versatile and can be configured for any combination of passengers and freight.

These planes can also comfortably handle a variety of runways including remote gravel airstrips – maximising convenience and accessibility.

Our professional pilots are all highly experienced and well-regarded in the aviation industry.  They are committed to the highest safety standards and operating procedures at all times.

Our safety record is immaculate and we are fully compliant with the latest CASA operating manual.

The team at our custom-built CASA-approved maintenance facility at Jandakot Airport has a collective 120 years’ experience with one of our engineers recently receiving international recognition for his services to aviation.

Our own dedicated maintenance facility helps us keep costs down – and you benefit.

Choose Aero Hire as your air charter partner and be confident that you are getting the best air charter deal where safety, economy, reliability, performance and convenience are paramount.

Our Aircraft

Our privately owned fleet of propjets and turbo-charged piston aircraft means fast, efficient and economical air transport anywhere in regional Australia.

Superior speed, economy, landing strip handling capabilities and versatile seating configurations mean you can:

  • Access remote sites

  • Move freight urgently

  • Explore Australia’s extraordinary scenic destinations

  • Discover new frontiers

  • Manage your time productively with private and exclusive air travel

Cessna 441

Conquest Propjet

Carrying capacity 8-10 passengers

AEROhire owns three of these propjet aircraft which have a global reputation for comfort and performance.  They are powerful yet fuel-efficient and can handle gravel  strips with ease.

We offer the versatility of a corporate or utility configuration, depending on your needs.

Cessna 402C

Turbo-charged piston engines

Carrying capacity of 6-8 passengers

Our fleet includes five of these aircraft, which are ideal for shorter distances. Our piston engine aircraft all have freight doors and can be quickly configured to suit individual requirements.



Inside the Aero Hire flight lounge

Flight Lounge

We make your travel experience as efficient and comfortable as possible.

The flight lounge at our custom-built premises and maintenance facility at Perth’s Jandakot airport is designed for your convenience, comfort and easy access.

  • Go from your vehicle to takeoff in minutes
  • Free on-site parking
  • Fully-equipped flight lounge with private boardroom and WiFi
  • Discreet facility for drug and alcohol testing
  • Catering on request
  • Friendly, professional staff
Early photo of Aero Hire planes


Our history goes back to 2001 when we purchased our first aircraft for dry-hire and started trading and operating out of Jandakot Airport in Perth.

Our purpose-built facilities at the airport include a significant maintenance hangar, flight lounge with private meeting facilities and office space.

Over the years, we have significantly increased our fleet and our capabilities and established a strong reputation for professionalism, integrity and value in the field of aircraft hire and maintenance.

In 2017, the company’s owner and 30-year veteran of the aviation industry, David Ellis, consolidated all assets and facilities under one banner and expanded into full-service air charter.

Today, the company owns a fleet of three prop-jets and five turbo-charged piston aircraft and offers aircraft maintenance, aircraft leasing and air charter services for commercial, government and tourism clients.

A replacement crew, an equipment spare part, a consultant, a contractor or an investor.

Whatever and whoever you need to get to a remote location, we can make it happen fast.